History and Politics

The Department of History and Politics at St. Scholastica offers several programs, including a major and minor in History, a major and minor in Political Science, and a double major in History and Social Studies Secondary Education. Through the Veritas General Education Program, the department also contributes to the liberal arts education of all St. Scholastica students. Department faculty members are dedicated teachers and accomplished scholars. The study of history and politics cultivates creative and critical thinking; fosters an appreciation for the richness and diversity of human experience and for the meaning of human dignity in varied historical and social contexts; and encourages responsible work on behalf of human values, justice, and the fuller realization of human potential. History, one of the classic liberal arts, is an excellent preparation for graduate studies as well as for many professions: education, law, politics, public policy, civil and foreign service, archival and library science, museum studies, historic preservation and public history. Political science can prepare students for a range of career opportunities not only in law, but in government, journalism, business or interest-group advocacy.


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