Theology and Religious Studies

The Theology and Religious Studies Department is at the heart of the College's Catholic Benedictine identity. The dynamic of Anselm's axiom that theology is "faith seeking understanding" is loosed to stimulate and broaden students' critical thinking skills, to contribute to their moral, ethical, and spiritual development, and to shape their attitudes, values, and interests in ways that will enable them to become valuable contributors to society and to provide leadership for society's transformation. 

Theology and Religious Studies represents an ideal liberal arts major that is attractive to graduate schools and employers alike because of the insights that students gain into the most profound questions of human existence and the skills that they acquire in critical analysis and problem solving. Although shaped by the Benedictine Catholic tradition, the department engages and reflects on that heritage in dialogue with other religious traditions. To meet the needs of a diverse student body, the department offers a broad curriculum that includes courses in theology, biblical studies, ethics/moral theology, religion and culture, spirituality, and world religions. The department offers a major and minor in Theology and Religious Studies and a major and minor in Catholic Studies.


The Theology and Religious Studies Department offers these programs:

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