Stender School of Business and Technology

The Stender School of Business and Technology combines an academic emphasis on liberal arts with experiential learning to create global leaders with strong professional skills who act with integrity and a strong sense of social responsibility. The School is named in honor of Dr. Bruce Stender and the Stender family in recognition of Dr. Stender's service as the College of St. Scholastica's ninth president (1975-1981)

The Stender School’s mission is “Instilled with the college's mission, The Stender School of Business and Technology inspires students to embrace diversity and new challenges, lead innovation change, and act in an ethical and socially responsible manner.”

The Stender School of Business & Technology graduate programs offer a range of certificate options based on courses drawn from our master-level degree programs.

Each certificate requires students to complete 4 graduate courses and obtain a grade of ‘B' or better. Please note that courses are scheduled according to the needs of the degree programs. Certificate students should be prepared for gaps in the scheduling for coursework to complete certificate requirements. Should a student elect to apply for a degree program, courses completed for the certificate can be applied-where appropriate-to satisfying graduation requirements.

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