Doctor of Educational Leadership, Ed.D.

The Doctor of Educational Leadership (EdD) program is designed to support current and aspiring leaders in identifying problems of practice and recognizing inequities in their professional settings, and creating a plan to address those issues. The program has been designed to support students from different professional experiences, social organizations, and diverse backgrounds. The Doctorate in Educational Leadership program emphasizes innovation, social justice, and equity for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and communities. EdD students examine their intersecting identities and the impact of those identities on their positionality as scholars and leaders. Students will identify a complex problem of practice in their professional setting with the assistance of their peers and faculty. Throughout the program, students will examine, reflect, and apply a lens of social justice and equity to their problem of practice. A dissertation in practice will be completed as a culminating project. Program components include high-impact practices that address issues related to transformational change, leadership development, Design Thinking, and innovative organization development.

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