Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

The Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics Department serves students majoring or minoring in biochemistry, chemistry, and mathematics and it also provides supporting coursework to students majoring in a variety of other majors. The department also offers graduate coursework in chemistry.

A classic definition of chemistry is "the branch of science concerned with the properties and transformations of matter." Chemistry is sometimes called the "central science" because of its importance in other fields such as materials, biology, agriculture, medicine, geology, nutrition, law enforcement and engineering. Without knowledge of chemistry, humans could not develop advanced technology, grow enough food, combat disease, drink clean water, make clothing, create artwork, or clean up the environment. Understanding chemistry helps humans appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Mathematics courses in the department provide students with a strong foundation in using mathematics as a tool to solve complex, real-world problems. Whether a student wants to pursue graduate study, teach math, or apply mathematics in a quantitative STEM field, the study of mathematics adds up to an intellectual experience, which, from the abacus to the rocket, has been essential to civilization. A degree in mathematics from CSS develops a strong analytical ability, exposes students to the power of mathematics as a lens for viewing reality, and empowers students to continue their education after they graduate.

Physics is the study of patterns and rules in the ways that objects and energy interact. Humanity has figured out how to extend and modify these rules across an enormous range of scales: from everyday objects down to atoms and all the way up to groups of galaxies and the universe itself. While there is no physics major at CSS, physics courses provide foundational knowledge to students across a number of undergraduate programs including biochemistry, chemistry, biology, exercise physiology, and elementary education.


Secondary Education

A B.A. in Chemistry with Middle and Secondary Education is also available.
A B.A. in Mathematics with Middle and Secondary Education is also available.

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