Fine Arts

At CSS, the Department of Fine Arts is a community of artist-scholars who are passionate about the fine and performing arts, committed to diversity and inclusion, and determined to improve the lives of others through art. With studies in Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts, CSS serves students of all skill levels and instills within them a lasting connection to their discipline, to each other, and to their respective communities here and abroad. Students engaging in the fine arts seek to engage deeply with the human experience by developing their intellectual capacity to create art, advance their practical skills, and thinking broadly about creativity and synthesis.

It is encouraging to observe the number of mass media pieces indicating how current and future employers are seeking well-rounded, liberal arts students, sensitized by their experiences in the arts. In addition, this generation of students bring a level of diversified interests that lead them to not just one fine arts discipline, but to all, embracing curiosity, a fervent love of learning, and a passion for creativity.


The Fine Art Department offers these programs:

Secondary Education

A B.A. in Music K-12 Education is also available.

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