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Biology Department

Biology in the broadest sense is the study of life. It is a diverse subject and understanding it requires a background in all the sciences. Students synthesize that knowledge to understand the living world, a world that is both remarkably unified and wonderfully diverse.  Our graduates are well prepared for admission to various health professional schools such as medical school, PA school, or pharmacy school, as well as graduate school in the biological sciences, or work in life science industries or organizations.  

Students majoring in biological sciences complete a core curriculum in biology, chemistry, math and physics. However, the Biology major has a flexible curriculum and allows students to tailor their elective coursework to match their interests and career goals.  A major in biology requires 34 total biology credits. Students should work closely with their faculty advisor to design a suitable academic course plan.  Students must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in biology courses and a minimum grade of "C-" in supporting science courses to complete the requirements for the major.


The Biology Department offers these programs:

Secondary Education

A B.A. in Biology with Middle and Secondary Education is also available.

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