Traditional Undergraduate Nursing, B.S.

The Department of Nursing Traditional Undergraduate Nursing Track is an on-campus program that prepares students for entry-level professional nursing practice, including the health needs of underserved populations. This level of education is based on core knowledge and clinical competency applied through a unique blend of critical thinking, caring, communication and collaboration. Health promotion, illness management and population-based care are the focus of the traditional undergraduate curriculum. Students are prepared to practice holistically as leaders in healthcare delivery, with an educational foundation grounded in the Benedictine values. Throughout the curriculum faculty blend the use of simulation, technology and integrative therapies to prepare students as healers of the mind, body and spirit.

Application to the major requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0, at least a "C" in all required courses taken at CSS and at least a "C" in all required courses that are transferred.

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