History Minor

The History Program is housed within the Department of Global Humanities. Both a major and minor in History are offered. History is the critical study of the human past. It is the most integrative of the humanities and is essential to any understanding of the human condition. Students of history learn a lot about the human past and about how it has shaped today’s world. They also learn how to organize and assess evidence, analyze problems, interpret complex events, think critically, and argue persuasively. They learn about research, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. These skills are essential for success in many professions. Most history students do not become professional historians. Rather, they study history as the center of a broad and rigorous education in the liberal arts. Some of the professional paths pursued by history graduates include: education, law, politics, journalism, business, public policy, interest group advocacy, civil and foreign service, archival and library science, museum studies, historic preservation, and public history. History is also excellent preparation for graduate school in these and other fields.

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