Philosophy, B.A.

The main benefit of the study of Philosophy is developing the ability to think critically and for oneself. More than problem solving, it is the ability to make informed and reflective judgments in ambiguous situations, which is highly valued in all professions. Nationwide, Philosophy majors earn top scores on exams like the LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT, and by mid-career are among the highest earners in their chosen fields. One former CSS Philosophy student went on to complete a Masters of Education degree as part of a program supporting public education in Boston and is now teaching in Micronesia. Another is pursuing an MFA program in Creative Writing, while a third is in law school. Current CSS Philosophy students aim to become lawyers, professors, political strategists, business leaders, and more. The total number of credit requirements for the major has been kept low in order to allow students to pursue a second major in another field if they so desire, and your advisor within the program will work with you to tailor your degree to your career aspirations.

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