Philosophy Minor

The main benefit of the study of Philosophy is developing the ability to think critically and for oneself. More than problem solving, it is the ability to make informed and reflective judgments in ambiguous situations, which is highly valued in all professions. Given this, a philosophy minor would be a useful addition to any major program.

The minor curriculum consists of five classes: Logic, Introductory Ethics, and three more PHL courses selected with advisement. This structure keeps the minor a live option for all students. For example, students majoring in the health sciences could fill out their minor with philosophy classes like Health, Happiness, and Human Wellbeing and the Ethics of Making and Taking Lives. Natural science majors could take courses like Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Science. Pre-law majors could strengthen their background with courses like Political Philosophy and Contemporary Ethical Issues. Art majors could take courses like Contemporary Philosophy and Beauty and Death: Sublime Aesthetics. Philosophy professors work with students to tailor the minor to their students’ goals.

The Philosophy minor also prepares students for further study of philosophy in graduate school.

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