Art (ART)

ART 1105 -  Introduction to Art (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces students to different media and processes in studio art, reviews major movements in art history and introduces terminology to discuss art processes and products.

ART 1107 -  Photography I (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces black and white photography: basic camera operation, film and print development, exposure and photo history and aesthetics. Students will also learn about photojournalism and digital photography. A 35 mm manual camera is required. The student must purchase film and paper.

Equivalent Course: CME 1107
ART 1120 -  Drawing I (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Develops the student’s sense of familiarity and ease with drawing materials as well as his/her sense of perception, which goes beyond the limitations of habit. It also explores subjective approaches to subject matter. Traditional situations and materials form the basis of the course.

ART 1124 -  Design I (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Studies the elements and the principles of design and their application to fine art and commercial art. Various media are used to experiment with both two- and three-dimensional structures.

ART 1126 -  Modern Art History (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Examines works of art produced during the 20th century, starting in 1870 with the art of the Impressionists. Focus on analyzing how artists’ subjects and styles are shaped by and express opinions about historical events, social ideologies and theoretical issues in visual culture. Investigate how works of art functioned within their time, as well as their relevance to how we perceive art currently. While Art History typically is explored by the use of images, lectures and reading, this course will also delve into the subject using group discussions, videos, and hands-on activities which may include field trips and guest speakers.

ART 1777 -  Topics in Art   - 0-4 cr.  

Courses not a part of the regular curriculum but taught because of a special need, interest or opportunity.

ART 2041 -  2D Digital Design   - 4 cr.  

Focuses on use of software to create original artwork and manipulate digitized photographic images. Software tools and techniques are demonstrated. Principles of design are illustrated. Evaluation is based on originality, aesthetics, mastery of technique and overall effectiveness. ART 1124; and/or ART 1107 recommended.

ART 2121 -  Painting I (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Explores painting both as a practical application of a tool for Art-making as well as addressing its historical applications as an art form. Examines color, form, composition, and expression, enables further personal expression with paint.

ART 2122 -  Color Theory (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Trains students to understand and be more sensitive to the perception and use of color. A combination of lecture, projects and experiments explores color pigment and physics of color. ART 1124 recommended.

ART 2125 -  Printmaking (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Introduces the study of the basic elements and techniques of printing. Linoleum block, woodcut and other media are used to experiment with a variety of printing processes. ART 1120 and/or ART 1124 recommended.

ART 2201 -  The Film as Art (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Traces the evolution of nonfiction (documentary) and fiction film forms from 1895 to the present; summarizes research describing persuasive effects by means of lecture, screenings, assigned readings and oral presentations.

Equivalent Course: CME 2201
ART 2204 -  American Indian Art and Music (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

The meaning and development of American Indian art forms. Expressions in symbolic form of Indian philosophy and religion are presented. The course involves a study of the traditional and contemporary forms of American Indian music, including local and alternative music.

Equivalent Course: NAS 2204
ART 2207 -  Photography II   - 4 cr.  

Explores the zone system for 35mm and various black and white print and film processes including infrared and kodalith stocks, print toning and other special effects. Students will also work with studio lighting and view cameras and become familiar with both fine art and commercial studio photography aesthetics and practices.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 1107 or CME 1107
ART 2220 -  Drawing II   - 2 cr.  

Advances technical drawing skill, expands awareness of drawing processes and purposes and develops individual expression through drawings. Color is introduced.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 1120 or consent of instructor.
ART 2221 -  Painting II   - 2 cr.  

Concentrates on using acrylic to explore painting techniques. Students experiment with subject matter, color, space and composition in a traditional form.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 2121 or consent of instructor.
ART 2307 -  Digital Photography (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces digital image making. Students work with digital SLR cameras and the latest photographic software to produce an entirely digital portfolio. Composition and visual aesthetics are emphasized. Digital SLR cameras are provided by the school.

Equivalent Course: CME 2307
ART 2420 -  Beginning Life Drawing (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Develops basic skills in observational life drawing, through studying and learning to draw the human skeleton, the muscular structure, and physical model.

ART 2430 -  Illustration (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Introducing Illustration as a field, students in this course will exercise fundamental drawing and design skills and will become familiar with principal genres and artists within the field. Exploring a variety of illustration techniques, this course centers on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the creation of narrative-driven imagery.

ART 2777 -  Topics in Art   - 0-4 cr.  

Courses not a part of the regular curriculum but taught because of a special need, interest or opportunity.

ART 3000 -  Beauty & Death: Sublime Aesthetics (Integrations : VIPH - Philosophy)  - 4 cr.  

Beauty & Death surveys different aesthetic theories of the sublime throughout the history of philosophy. Sublime experiences, whether found in nature or art are traditionally considered the most intense of all possible aesthetic feelings. Whereas beauty promotes notions of formal unity harmonizing within limits, the sublime contemplates chaos, death, and feelings that overwhelm the human imagination. The resulting affect has been at times called a feeling of 'negative pleasure' where feelings of beauty and horror become inextricably entangled. As an aesthetic concept the sublime has changed drastically in meaning from classical Greek thought to Enlightenment philosophy and its contemporary rebirth in postmodern aesthetics. However, what all these theories have in common is a focused attention placed on the problem of contemplating the unknown. Thus, in relation to art, nature, and perception the primary aesthetic question of the sublime is deeply involved with dilemma of how to 'present the unpresentable.' Readings of primary texts will be supplemented by illustrative paintings, music, poetry, fiction, secondary literature, and weekly screenings of films that both correspond and clarify each week's readings.

Equivalent Course: CME 3000, PHL 3000
ART 3005 -  Data Storytelling: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Data Visualization   - 4 cr.  

Explores the fundamental building blocks of powerful data visualization and the tools and experience needed to create them. Examines the influential data visualization from the past and present along with the methods used to critique these works. This includes the ethical issues and bias revolving around data visualizations and the use of data to tell stories from a particular point of view. The course will introduce students to practical applications using current data management and visualization software.

Equivalent Course: CIS 3005
ART 3041 -  Publication Design   - 4 cr.  

Principles of design for print materials include the use of space in layout, type selection, copy fitting and familiarity with printing processes. Use of the computer and desktop publishing, as tools in the design process, will be investigated.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 2041
ART 3126 -  19th and 20th Century British and Irish Art History (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Focus on artwork created over the 19th and 20th centuries in both Ireland and Great Britain, this course will investigate the history, identity, political and geographic resonance of the people and their cultures. In particular, we will examine political murals created in Northern Ireland, the work of Existentialist figurative painter Francis Bacon, and the evolution of British Art from the Pre-Raphaelites to Modern Sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, through lectures, reading and site-specific engagement.

ART 3202 -  Art and Protest (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Examines socially engaged visual art through historical and contemporary lenses. Looking at a range of works from the art of John Heartfield and Kathë Kollwitz in response to war in Germany to anonymous contemporary artists commenting on systems of oppression like The Guerilla Girls and Banksy, students will employ critical analysis through reading, writing and discussion. Examining how or why art could be considered "an instrument of war," as Picasso so famously intoned, will be a primary focus as students culminate their studies through researching a contemporary issue and creating work in response.

Equivalent Course: HON 3202, WGS 3202
ART 3241 -  Graphic Design   - 4 cr.  

Applies the fundamentals covered in CME 2041. Students will learn to apply these through exploration of typography, photography and illustration in graphic design from inception through to pre-press. A strong emphasis is placed on layout, hierarchy, advertising design, branding, visual identity systems and integration of concepts with visual elements.

ART 3300 -  Public Art Practicum (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Explores the process of creating public works of art and all requirements and responsibilities that go into works designed for the public. Application procedures, working with public and private institutions, design and ideation processes and fabrication techniques will be covered. The history of public art across multiple cultures and ideologies will be addressed through lectures and discussions.

ART 3301 -  Film Topics (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Film Topics engages a changing variety of advanced issues of cinematic representation and genre discussion in Film Studies at an Upper Division level with a Writing Intensive focus. Topics change annually, but course requirements remain the same. Readings are advanced and students write about films, meetings, proposals, draft revisions and an in-class writing workshop. The goal is to engage advanced topics in Film Studies through writings and discussions linking film form and content. The ethics of representation is a key focus of discussion along with formal analysis of ‘how’ identities are aesthetically represented.

Equivalent Course: CME 3301
ART 3311 -  Portraiture (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Focused instruction on rendering portraits from life. Students will garner skills to draw and paint the human visage formalistically and expressively, with the intent of utilizing the figure for a personal means of artistic expression.

ART 3321 -  Advanced Painting   - 2-6 cr.  

Provides a sequence of conceptual painting problems based upon modern and contemporary artistic practices as well as historical applications. Engages specific topics in painting, defines personal voice and develops an informed individual aesthetic. Course can be taken for 2-6 credits and/or repeated for a total not exceeding six credits.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 2221
ART 3327 -  Color and Landscape Photography (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Studies color photographic aesthetics and theory; these principles are then applied to the practice and technique of landscape photography. Digital SLR cameras are required and are provided by the school.

Equivalent Course: CME 3327
ART 3333 -  Methods of Visual Expression (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 2 cr.  

Approaches to the creative process with mixed media that includes building technical mark-making skills while engaging in the visualization of emotional expression. Topics include art historical movements in expressionism, analysis of contemporary artists, embracing ambiguity in the creative process, along with visualizing ideas, feelings, identity, and values through individual and collaborative art experiences.

ART 3420 -  Advanced Drawing   - 2-6 cr.  

Develops a greater level of conceptual knowledge and technical skill, through drawing utilizing observation, portraiture and experimentation with a variety of mediums and techniques. Enhances depth of knowledge through critical readings, demonstrations, visiting artists, and/or visits to contemporary art exhibitions. Course can be taken for 2-6 credits and/or repeated for a total not exceeding six credits.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 2220
ART 3500 -  Design Thinking (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Uses methodologies from across the field of design to apply creative problem solving to real world problems. Students will unlock their creative potential through concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation, and will apply this practice to various types of problems to foster change and positively impact environments.

ART 3777 -  Topics in Art   - 0-8 cr.  

Courses not a part of the regular curriculum but taught because of a special need, interest or opportunity.

ART 3999 -  Independent Study   - 0-4 cr.  

Independent study.

ART 4126 -  Art Theory (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Explores the shifting relevance of Art in contemporary society, through readings, discussions and guest speakers. Examines the context in which current critics and theorists work, explores analytic philosophy, structuralism, post-structuralism, epistemology and post-colonial studies.

ART 4220 -  Great Filmmakers (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

This course studies the life, significant work, and unique artistic choices made by different historically significant film directors. The directors studied can be considered artists insofar as they establish consistent artistic signatures as authors of films while successfully working within the restrictions of the film industry.

Equivalent Course: CME 4220
ART 4420 -  Advanced Figure Studies   - 2 cr.  

Enhances skills in observational life drawing. Emphasizes drawing the human figure efficiently, realistically, and expressively, eventually utilizing the figure for a personal means of expression. This two-credit course can be repeated up to three times.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 2420
ART 4427 -  Alternative Photography Methods   - 4 cr.  

Explores late 19th and early 20th century printing techniques as alternatives to modern photo methods. Students use the sun as a light source to print cyanotypes (blue prints), van dyke (brown prints) and gum bichromate images. Modern techniques such as infrared photography are also included.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 1107 or CME 1107
Equivalent Course: CME 4427
ART 4444 -  Professional Practices   - 2 cr.  

Focuses on building practical applications for Art Majors and Minors. Includes the creation of a professional website, resume, writing samples specifically focused on grants, graduate school applications and artist statements. Visits to galleries, studios, design houses, and museums will form the basis for discussions about contemporary art and for critical writing assignments. Explores the transition from student to professional; employment; networking; gallery contracts; grant applications; graduate school options; trends in contemporary art.

ART 4477 -  Art Minor Capstone Project   - 2 cr.  

Develop a body of work with personal interest for a group or solo exhibition.

ART 4555 -  Internship   - 1-8 cr.  


ART 4577 -  Art Major Capstone Project   - 2 cr.  

Develop a body of work based on a personal theme and prepare it for a solo exhibition. The course performs a secondary role of preparing students for a career in art after graduation.

ART 4777 -  Topics in Art   - 1-8 cr.  

Courses not a part of the regular curriculum but taught because of a special need, interest or opportunity.

ART 4999 -  Independent Study   - 1-6 cr.  

Individual research or production projects are chosen by the student and approved by instructor. May be taken twice for credit, each time in a different area.

Prerequisite Courses: at least one academic or production course in chosen area.