Sustainability (SUS)

SUS 1117 -  Introduction to Sustainability (Conceptions : VCOP - Electives)  - 4 cr.  

Examining the three "Es" of sustainability –– environment, economy, and equity –– this introductory course explores how each of these categories is equally necessary for building a sustainable world in the future. The student will explore systemic problems in our current civilization related to sustainability and possible solutions to those problems.

SUS 1777 -  Topics in Sustainability   - 1-4 cr.  

Special topics in sustainability studies.

SUS 2250 -  Environmental History of the Americas (Conceptions : VCHI - History)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces the field of environmental history. Just as flora, fauna, wind, and pollution do not adhere to political boundaries, we will take a transnational and border-crossing approach, considering environmental histories of the Americas, north and south. Through course readings, we will take stock of the evolving field of environmental history and address convergences with other thematic areas, including race and political identity, gender and representation, urban and rural communities, capitalism and economics, the politics of natural disasters, science and climate change, and the transnational flow of people, plants, animals, natural resources, and ideas. In this course, we will set a local, place-based foundation in order to think expansively about the Americas. We will build toward a final written project about place, paying close attention to the research process throughout the semester, including writing proposals, finding sources and materials, producing a draft, and peer review.

Equivalent Course: HIS 2250
SUS 2777 -  Topics   - 0-8 cr.  

Special topics in sustainability studies.

SUS 3500 -  Design Thinking (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Uses methodologies from across the field of design to apply creative problem solving to real world problems. Students will unlock their creative potential through concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation, and will apply this practice to various types of problems to foster change and positively impact environments.

SUS 3777 -  Topics in Sustainability (Integrations : VISS - Social Science)  - 1-16 cr.  

Special topics in sustainability studies.

SUS 4555 -  Sustainability Studies and the Environment Internship   - 0-8 cr.  

Internship in sustainability studies.

SUS 4777 -  Topics in Sustainability   - 0-4 cr.  

Special topics in sustainability studies.

SUS 4999 -  Independent Study   - 0-16 cr.  

Self-determined program of study under faculty direction for the student whose interests extend beyond the curricular offerings of the Sustainability Studies program.