Healthcare Administration (MHA)

MHA 6010 -  Health Services Leadership   - 3 cr.  

Exposes students to the field of health services administration and leadership development. Through a series of interactive seminars with healthcare leaders, case studies, self-analysis, and group discussions, students learn about different types of health service organizations, careers, leadership roles and styles, and organizational strategy and culture. This course also deepens professional relationships, connections, and networking/mentorship opportunities.

MHA 6351 -  Healthcare Administration   - 3 cr.  

Provides an orientation to the current healthcare business environment and service delivery systems. The course presents students with a broad based perspective of key environmental factors influencing current and future trends in healthcare. This approach helps students develop a context for synthesis, discussion and analysis of contemporary issues and trends.

MHA 6355 -  Healthcare Finance I   - 3 cr.  

Focuses on the fundamentals of healthcare finance, including accounting theory, financial analysis, managerial finance, budgeting/forecasting/planning, and operational analysis. A comprehensive view of the current topics in healthcare and an exploration of the tools for operational and financial leaders will be addressed.

Prerequisite Courses: MHA 6010 and MHA 6351
MHA 6445 -  Leading Human Resources in Healthcare   - 3 cr.  

Explores how decisions about human resources (HR) contribute to an organization's overall effectiveness. The course integrates HR activities with the organization's strategic planning objectives. Students study both traditional and contemporary HR issues from a practitioner's perspective and the core competencies required to support leadership and management skills for effective human resource management in health care.

Prerequisite Courses: MHA 6010 and MHA 6351
MHA 6455 -  Healthcare Finance II & Health Economics   - 3 cr.  

Focuses on the advanced topics of healthcare finance and economics, including capital investment, supply chain, risk management, funding/revenue/reimbursement, integration and valuation strategy, and organizational governance. A comprehensive view of the current topics in healthcare and an exploration of the tools for operational and financial leaders will be addressed.

Prerequisite Courses: MHA 6355
MHA 6506 -  Healthcare Quality and Safety   - 3 cr.  

provides healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to promote and manage healthcare quality and safety. Topics include: national quality and patient safety initiatives; systems design; process improvement tools; the influence external agencies have on healthcare practice, measures, and reporting; triple aim; data collection and measurement techniques; QI theories and frameworks; and quality planning and management. Students develop and enhance skills in leadership, communication, quality, safety, population health, equity, and root cause analysis. Students learn real-world approaches and solutions.

MHA 6550 -  Global and Population Health   - 3 cr.  

Equips aspiring healthcare leaders with insight regarding why (causes) and capability regarding so what (leadership action), as well as knowledge and skills to improve health outcomes worldwide. Students will examine disease burdens, health disparities, healthcare systems, and cultural contexts across the globe. The course develops critical thinking abilities to diagnose issues and apply innovative and collaborative solutions to complex health challenges. Students will strengthen leadership capabilities to drive systemic changes that advance population health and equity. Topics range from prevention to ethics, integrative medicine, and social determinants of health. The emphasis is on understanding root causes of health problems and taking strategic action to achieve lasting impact.

MHA 6777 -  Topics in Healthcare Administration   - 1-3 cr.  

Topics in Healthcare Administration.