Political Science (POL)

POL 2001 -  Introduction to Political Science (Conceptions : VCSS - Social Science)  - 4 cr.  

Introduction to the discipline of political science and the nature of political discourse, institutions and organizations. Topics range from politics and culture to terrorism and international relations.

Equivalent Course: GCL 2001
POL 2280 -  Rethinking Religion and Culture after 9/11   - 4 cr.  

Offers students the opportunity to engage in historical reflection on 9/11 in light of recent work in religious studies and political philosophy on the rise of global religious violence throughout the world today. Examines 9/11 and its aftermath in relation to contemporary debates on the American-led "war on terror," the socio-political origins of international terrorism, the politics of corporate-led globalization, and transnational peace movements in the wake of the war in Iraq.

POL 3001 -  Globalization of Food and Agriculture (Integrations : VISS - Social Science)  - 4 cr.  

Students are exposed to divergent points of view and forms of analysis that surround the debate over globalization. The course stresses that globalization is not only about economics and politics but also wide ranging cultural, social and moral issues confronting the world community.

Equivalent Course: GSJ 3001
POL 3331 -  American Government   - 4 cr.  

Study of national government and development of form and functions of the federal system. Topics range from constitutional issues to public policy debates.

POL 3777 -  Topics   - 4 cr.  


POL 4402 -  Water and Politics (Integrations : VISS - Social Science)  - 4 cr.  

An examination of debates dealing with global environmental problems and the varying roles of nongovernmental organizations. Topics vary from resource wars to environmental racism as issues confronting the human community.

Equivalent Course: GSJ 4402
POL 4777 -  Independent Study   - 0-4 cr.  


POL 4999 -  Independent Study   - 0-8 cr.  

Independent Study.