Communication and Media Studies (CME)

CME 1101 -  Interpersonal Communication (Foundations : VFIC - Interpersonal Comm)  - 2 cr.  

Text, lecture, discussion and laboratory exercises emphasizing relationships, the self, perception, verbal communication, assertiveness and listening skills, nonverbal communication and conflict management.

CME 1107 -  Photography I (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces black and white photography: basic camera operation, film and print development, exposure and photo history and aesthetics. Students will also learn about photojournalism and digital photography. A 35 mm manual camera is required. Film and paper must be purchased by the student.

Equivalent Course: ART 1107
CME 1114 -  Media Literacy   - 4 cr.  

Analyzes the relationship between media and society through the interaction of technology, business, audiences, culture and government. Through lecture, discussion, field trips and other in-class activities, the course reviews the history and theories of mass communication as they relate to specific media.

CME 1777 -  Topics in Communication and Media Studies   - 1-4 cr.  

Topics in Communication and Media Studies.

CME 1999 -  Independent Study   - 1-4 cr.  

Independent Study.

CME 2200 -  Presentation and Impact (Conceptions : VCSS - Social Science)  - 4 cr.  

Studies the elements that make compelling presentations and provides space for students to practice. This course will examine leaders, celebrities, media and political figures to get to the root of what makes a presentation effective. Students focus on the visual, vocal, and verbal components of preparation and delivery related to informative and persuasive speeches.

CME 2201 -  The Film as Art (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Traces the evolution of nonfiction (documentary) and fiction film forms from 1895 to the present; summarizes research describing persuasive effects by means of lectures, screenings, assigned readings and oral presentations.

Equivalent Course: ART 2201
CME 2207 -  Photography II   - 4 cr.  

Explores the zone system for 35mm and various black and white print and film processes including infrared and kodalith stocks, print toning and other special effects. Students will also work with studio lighting, view cameras and become familiar with both fine art and commercial studio photography aesthetics and practices.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 1107 or ART 1107
CME 2214 -  Writing for Mass Media (Conceptions : VCOP - Electives)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces students to the fundamentals of media writing, as well as to increase students’ knowledge of local, national, and international current events. The emphasis of this course is placed upon writing in a variety of formats under deadline. Specific attention is focused on print news reports, feature stories, media reviews, radio newscasts, press releases, advertising copy, and lateral reporting for the Web.

CME 2220 -  Film Genres: (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

A genre is a category. To define a genre is to identify a constellation of elements that when brought together in a certain way create a unique entity. This course will examine a specific film genre to identify its organizing principle.

CME 2221 -  Conflict in Communication   - 4 cr.  

Text, lecture, discussion and laboratory exercises emphasizing relationships, the self, perception, verbal communication, assertiveness and listening skills, nonverbal communication and conflict management.

CME 2240 -  Intercultural Communication (Conceptions : VCSS - Social Science)  - 4 cr.  

Employs lectures, documentaries, assigned readings, role playing and research to understand the cultural forces that determine communication behaviors. The course prepares the student to enter another specific culture and communicate more effectively.

CME 2301 -  World Cinema (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

World Cinema examines a wide variety of artistically acclaimed non-Hollywood films from around the world both through stylistic and cultural analysis. We will engage films in this course by situating them within particular artistic film movements and unique socio-historical contexts. We will examine the collaboration and collisions of art and politics through both classic and contemporary films. Movies will be screened in their native languages with English subtitles. Films will be viewed through the critical lens provided by interactive lecture/discussions, screenings, written work, and assigned readings.

CME 2307 -  Digital Photography (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces digital image making. Students work with digital SLR cameras and the latest photographic software to produce an entirely digital portfolio. Composition and visual aesthetics are emphasized. Digital SLR cameras are provided by the school.

Equivalent Course: ART 2307
CME 2514 -  Media Production: Studio   - 4 cr.  

Introduces the basic concepts of postmodern media production and networking with an emphasis on creative digital media. The course provides an examination of past, present, and future trends in media production and the development of a postmodern digital media workflow. The latest trends and debates in the field of digital media are explored, including social networking and the latest methods of generating, editing, and syndicating various digital media (text, audio, video, and photo). Other topics include digital radio, iPods and podcasting, the growth of Google and YouTube, social network syndication, cable and Internet advertising. Students develop a working knowledge of practical principles that will be useful for a career in the electronic media, with an emphasis on creating new digital media content in a studio lab environment.

CME 2525 -  The Media, Race and Gender (Conceptions : VCSS - Social Science)  - 4 cr.  

Introduces students to mass-mediated representations of race, class, gender, and sexuality. We survey historically and/or culturally significant artifacts in this course in order to interpret evolving representations.

Equivalent Course: WGS 2525
CME 2777 -  Topics in Communication and Media Studies   - 0-4 cr.  

Addresses special topics as student interest and faculty expertise warrant.

CME 2850 -  Media Theory and Research   - 4 cr.  

Introduces students to media theory and research. The course engages students in the processes of thinking theoretically and researching effectively. The course introduces research tools associated with both the humanities and social sciences.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 1114
CME 3000 -  Beauty and Death: Sublime Aesthetics (Integrations : VIPH - Philosophy)  - 4 cr.  

Beauty and Death surveys different aesthetic theories of the sublime throughout the history of philosophy. Sublime experiences, whether found in nature or art are traditionally considered the most intense of all possible aesthetic feelings. Whereas beauty promotes notions of formal unity harmonizing within limits, the sublime contemplates chaos, death, and feelings that overwhelm the human imagination. The resulting affect has been at times called a feeling of 'negative pleasure' where feelings of beauty and horror become inextricably entangled. As an aesthetic concept the sublime has changed drastically in meaning from classical Greek thought to Enlightenment philosophy and its contemporary rebirth in postmodern aesthetics. However, what all these theories have in common is a focused attention placed on the problem of contemplating the unknown. Thus, in relation to art, nature, and perception the primary aesthetic question of the sublime is deeply involved with dilemma of how to 'present the unpresentable.' Readings of primary texts will be supplemented by illustrative paintings, music, poetry, fiction, secondary literature, and weekly screenings of films that both correspond and clarify each week's readings.

Equivalent Course: ART 3000, PHL 3000
CME 3101 -  Small Group Communication   - 4 cr.  

Explores communication processes within the context of the small group, emphasizing interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, leadership, and participant functions.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 1101
CME 3301 -  Film Topics (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Film Topics engages a changing variety of advanced issues of cinematic representation and genre discussion in Film Studies at an Upper Division level with a Writing Intensive focus. Topics change annually, but course requirements remain the same. Readings are advanced and students write about films, meetings, proposals, draft revisions and an in-class writing workshop. The goal is to engage advanced topics in Film Studies through writings and discussions linking film form and content. The ethics of representation is a key focus of discussion along with formal analysis of ‘how’ identities are aesthetically represented.

Equivalent Course: ART 3301
CME 3307 -  Photojournalism   - 4 cr.  

Emphasizes the principles and practices of photography for newspaper and magazine publication. Composition, newsworthiness, impact, as well as camera handling, exposure, lighting, darkroom techniques and digital photography will be covered.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 2214
CME 3327 -  Color and Landscape Photography (Conceptions : VCFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Studies color photographic aesthetics and theory; these principles are then applied to the practice and technique of landscape photography. Digital SLR cameras are required and are provided by the school.

Equivalent Course: ART 3327
CME 3445 -  Argumentation (Integrations : VIOP - Electives)  - 4 cr.  

Examines the elements of persuasive speaking and argumentation. Begins with persuasive presentations and progresses to the formal study of argumentation framed by the Toulmin model of reasoning. Using this model, students will study the four primary types of warrants and the four primary types of argumentative claims. The class concludes with the argument of cases.

CME 3514 -  Media Production: Field   - 4 cr.  

Research, writing and production of video and audio news stories, mini-documentaries, commercials and features. Lab assignments include location recording of actual events and studio production experiences for both video and audio. An introduction to video and audio editing.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 2514
CME 3777 -  Topics in Communication and Media Studies   - 1-4 cr.  

Addresses special topics as student interest and faculty expertise warrant.

CME 3999 -  Independent Study   - 1-8 cr.  

Independent Study.

CME 4041 -  Web Design   - 4 cr.  

Explores the design principles that characterize successful Web sites and use modern tools for creating Web sites. Design issues will include the differences between print and electronic media, working within the limits of the technology, and how the user's contexts and goals affect Web design. Web sites will be critiqued from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint and students will be required to design and build fully functional Web sites.

Equivalent Course: CIS 4041
CME 4214 -  Online Media Writing   - 4 cr.  

Learning advanced reporting techniques, news judgment and news gathering skills for feature writing, column writing and editorial writing in print and online media. The course includes researching, interviewing, developing sources for various stories, as well as the principles and practices of editorial decision-making from copyediting to layout. Includes the skills to use social networking and online publishing as a journalistic tool.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 2214
CME 4220 -  Great Filmmakers (Integrations : VIFA - Fine Arts)  - 4 cr.  

Studies the life, significant work, and unique artistic choices made by different historically significant film directors. The directors studied can be considered auteurs insofar as they establish consistent artistic signatures as authors of films while successfully working within the restrictions of the film industry.

Equivalent Course: ART 4220
CME 4414 -  Media Criticism   - 4 cr.  

Applies a variety of critical-theoretical perspectives to consider issues of media production, texts and audiences.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 1114
CME 4417 -  Mass Media Law and Ethics (Integrations : VIOP - Electives)  - 4 cr.  

Studies first Amendment rights, government regulation, Supreme Court decisions and ethical standards and conflicts are analyzed. Case studies address libel, privacy, regulation, and ethical issues.

Prerequisite Courses: CME 1114
CME 4420 -  Film and Literature (Integrations : VIFA - Fine ArtsIntegrations : VILI - Literature)  - 4 cr.  

Compares written and cinematic texts. A variety of film theories will be discussed in conjunction with image creation. Narrative issues - theme, style and characterization - will also be covered. This course can only be accounted to one Veritas area.

CME 4427 -  Alternative Photo Methods   - 4 cr.  

Explores late 19th and early 20th century printing techniques as alternatives to modern photo methods. Students use the sun as a light source to print cyanotypes (blue prints), van dyke (brown prints) and gum bichromate images. Modern techniques such as infrared photography are also included.

Prerequisite Courses: ART 1107 or CME 1107
Equivalent Course: ART 4427
CME 4445 -  Persuasion   - 4 cr.  

Deals with the wide variety of persuasion theories focusing on the study of attitude change. We will focus on the social scientific approach to Persuasion.

CME 4555 -  Internship   - 1-16 cr.  

Done in a professional business setting or other appropriate setting related to the student's field of interest. The student is supervised by a site supervisor. Evaluation of performance will be completed by the site supervisor, internship advisor and student. Students may obtain additional information about internships from the CME chair.

Prerequisite Courses: Acceptance into the Communication and Media Studies major or minor; or exception made by department approval.
CME 4777 -  Topics in Communication and Media Studies   - 0-4 cr.  

Special topics are addressed as student and faculty involvement warrant.

CME 4999 -  Independent Study   - 1-12 cr.  

Individual research or production projects are chosen by the student and approved by instructor. May be taken twice for credit, each time in a different area. Pre-requisite: At least one academic or production course in chosen area.