Finance (FIN)

FIN 1000 -  Personal Finance Basics   - 1 cr.  

In a collaborative learning environment, students will increase their knowledge of budgeting, spending behavior, credit scores, credit card use, and college costs. Learning activities will provide students an opportunity to apply course content to their personal financial situation. Through personal reflection and analysis, students will become empowered to make financial decisions that support their educational and career goals.

FIN 1100 -  Personal Finance   - 1 cr.  

Examine personal finance concepts and how to apply in students’ own lives, both while attending college and after graduation. Students will engage with classmates and utilize online resources to actively learn and comprehend the basics of personal financial management.

FIN 1777 -  Topics in Finance   - 1 cr.  


FIN 2777 -  Topics in Finance   - 0-4 cr.  


FIN 3420 -  Financial Management   - 4 cr.  

Examines the concepts and tools that are needed by managers when making financial decisions. Students are required to analyze a financial statement, assess risk, calculate the cost of capital for capital budgeting, and describe the methods for valuing securities such as stocks and bonds for an organization. Approach to the course content is from a manager's perspective on how to make value-creating decisions for an organization's stakeholders.

Prerequisite Courses: ACC 2210
FIN 3500 -  Real Estate Finance   - 4 cr.  

Explores investment in personal and commercial real estate from a valuation and decision making perspective. Topics include the legal and regulatory environment, financing alternatives, real estate brokerage, and local market conditions. Students will learn valuation techniques to aid in decision-making within the real estate industry.

FIN 3550 -  Business Statistics (Foundations : VFMA - Mathematics)  - 4 cr.  

Teaches the importance of statistical thinking in forming business decisions. Students will develop the basic ability to think statistically by using an investigative process of problem-solving and decision-making, while exploring relationships between multiple factors or data points in a given situation. The statistical literacy developed in this course focuses on conceptual understanding of data, and the integration of this data with real-life context and business goals. Topics include frequency distributions and graphs, measures of central tendency, correlation, regression, probability, hypothesis testing (incl. t-test and chi-square), confidence intervals, and application of these concepts through use of both Excel and Pearson’s StatCrunch statistics application.

FIN 3600 -  Commercial Bank Management   - 4 cr.  

Explores the banking and financial services industries. Students study the different types of banking institutions, their roles in the market, and the analytical techniques bankers use to manage profit and risk. We examine the origins of banks and their competitors, learn the structure of bank financial statements and how they are evaluated, and review how bank management mitigates market risks.

Prerequisite Courses: FIN 3420
FIN 3700 -  Financial Planning   - 4 cr.  

Examine investment and personal finance concepts that arise from financial planning and personal wealth management activities. Topics include: the identification of client financial status and goals, asset allocation, personal financial statements and cash management, debt, tax planning, risk management and insurance, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Prerequisite Courses: FIN 3420
FIN 3777 -  Selected Topics in Finance   - 1-4 cr.  

Examines a current finance issue. Topics may relate to any functional area of the finance profession and are chosen based on the mutual interest of faculty and students.

Prerequisite Courses: permission of instructor.
FIN 3900 -  Excel Modeling   - 2 cr.  

Utilize MS Excel to examine the concepts and tools needed by managers and analysts when making financial decisions. Students are required to use MS Excel to create and analyze spreadsheets and data visualizations that will be useful in accounting and financial management. The course is approached from an accountant or finance analyst’s perspective on how to make value-creating tools for an organization’s managers using MS Excel.

Prerequisite Courses: ACC 2210
FIN 3999 -  Independent Study   - 0-16 cr.  

Topics in Finance.

FIN 4460 -  Multinational Business Finance   - 4 cr.  

Explores factors that influence the basic decisions of the firm in an international setting.

Prerequisite Courses: FIN 3420 and ECN 2280
FIN 4500 -  Financial Markets & Institutions   - 4 cr.  

In this course, you will learn the roles played by financial markets and institutions in the efficient allocation of funds from lenders to borrowers. Student will develop critical thinking skills as applied to financial markets and institutions. Topics include the determination of asset prices; the risk and term structure of interest rates; risk management and financial derivatives; financial market, structure, innovation, and regulation; and financial crises.

FIN 4555 -  Finance Internship   - 0-18 cr.  

A supervised, off-campus work experience that allows the student to apply concepts and techniques learned in the classroom. Students work with a faculty advisor to design the internship and are evaluated by the on-site supervisor.

FIN 4600 -  Investments   - 4 cr.  

The objective of this course is to learn how to make sound investing decisions. Students study the different types of investments available, the markets they are traded in and the sources of information that are available to investors. We then examine the relationship between risk and return, techniques for valuing securities and the construction and management of portfolios.

Prerequisite Courses: FIN 3420
FIN 4777 -  Selected Topics in Finance   - 0-4 cr.  

Engages students in an in-depth examination of a current finance issue. Topics may relate to any functional area of the finance profession and are chosen based on the mutual interest of faculty and students.

Prerequisite Courses: permission of instructor.
FIN 4900 -  Financial Statement Analysis & Business Valuation   - 4 cr.  

The course explores advanced finance concepts including corporate decision making involving the issuance of debt and equity securities, dividend and stock policies, evaluation of a corporation's governance and ownership structures and analysis of mergers and acquisitions. Students will be required to complete a financial analysis term project of a publicly traded corporation.

Prerequisite Courses: FIN 3420.
FIN 4999 -  Independent Study   - 0-8 cr.  

Student selects a topic in professional finance and completes an individual study that may involve research and/or field experience.

Prerequisite Courses: approval of instructor and department