Marketing (MKT)

MKT 2320 -  Principles of Marketing   - 4 cr.  

Surveys terms and concepts concerned with the planning process and selection of appropriate actions resulting in successful and unique marketing plans. Product design, pricing strategy, distribution and availability of goods or services and marketing communications are topics covered.

MKT 3320 -  Digital Marketing   - 4 cr.  

Focuses on the process of combining strategic marketing concepts with Internet techniques to generate sales and enhance brand image in the world of economic commerce.

MKT 3340 -  Market Promotions: Communicating with Customers   - 4 cr.  

Provides an in-depth exposure to market promotion. There is special emphasis on advertising and the creation of message strategy based on sound product design. Good personal selling and sales promotion actions are also addressed.

MKT 3350 -  Designing Successful Products   - 4 cr.  

Explores the identification of potentially commercial products. Students learn to gather information about the marketplace, create prototypes, refine concepts, and cluster product benefits into a marketing communication to customers. Students develop a basic marketing strategy that relates to product design and segment needs.

MKT 3360 -  Selling & Sales Management   - 4 cr.  

Demonstrates to students the essentials of sales management in forging interactive marketing communications with customers and developing a dynamic, profitable relationship that can make sales and retain customers. Students will be introduced to crucial sales skills such as prospecting, approaching, presenting, overcoming objections, and closing sales for tangible or intangible products.

MKT 3370 -  Services Marketing   - 4 cr.  

Examines the marketing of services as a separate topic. Students contrast and compare the distinctive aspects of marketing intangible products such as services with tangible products such as consumer goods. Students study customer relations, customer communications, and the delivery methods ranging from conventional to internet.

MKT 3380 -  Logistics and Distribution Channels   - 4 cr.  

Contemporary logistics describes the entire supply channel system from inbound movement of freight including tangible and intangible activities through materials management to physical distribution then to the end user. It provides the tactile decision making tools such as distribution channel locations, inventory rotations, storage and logistic functional concepts used for finding cost reduction and strategic opportunities. Also, integrates logistics into a supply chain management context. It will look into the current events, along with new theory, practice, basics in packaging, warehousing, transportation, inventory and material handling.

Prerequisite Courses: MKT 2320
Equivalent Course: MGT 3380
MKT 3530 -  Marketing in a Global Environment   - 4 cr.  

An introduction to the essential ingredients of effective marketing strategies for entry into global and foreign markets. This course provides a fundamental analysis of the variety of global industries and local markets that have very unique cultures, language(s) and marketing systems (distribution, pricing, marketing communications, financial, accounting, political, economic and trading policies),which define the business and marketing strategies essential for success in the emerging global economy.

MKT 3777 -  Selected Topics in Marketing   - 0-4 cr.  

In-depth study of a topic of current interest. Topic to be covered depends on the mutual interest of faculty and students.

MKT 3999 -  Independent Study   - 0-4 cr.  

Independent Study.

MKT 4140 -  Entrepreneurship   - 4 cr.  

Exposes students to a broad range of practical applications in research, planning, and development of entrepreneurial ideas. The course focuses on processes and strategies used to launch a new business venture using strategic and creative thinking in the areas of innovation, branding, sales, strategy, and finance.

Equivalent Course: MGT 4140
MKT 4320 -  Market Analysis for Decision Making   - 4 cr.  

Utilizing case studies, the student is exposed to the challenges of making the “right” decision with imperfect information and how the analytical tools and techniques found in finance, statistics and data management assist the decision making process. Topics include business model evaluation, business to business marketing, and sales management.

MKT 4360 -  Marketing Strategy   - 4 cr.  

Focuses on the relationship between the marketing plan strategy and the marketplace goals of the organizational strategic plan. Brand management is a central theme. Course explores choices and tactics for marketers to use.

MKT 4500 -  Bluestone Ad Agency   - 0-16 cr.  

Students will gain interdisciplinary experience working for an advertising agency. Student teams will be matched with clients looking for social media marketing, website development, graphic design and other advertising needs. Students will be mentored by faculty and the CSS Marketing & College Communications office in order to successfully complete projects. Students will gain real world, practical knowledge in account management, client relations and creative development.

MKT 4555 -  Marketing Internship   - 0-16 cr.  

An internship taken in a practical business or other appropriate facility related to the student's interest. Student is supervised by a manager; evaluation of student performance is completed by the manager, student and advisor. Students may obtain additional information about internships from the Department of Management office.

Prerequisite Courses: approval of instructor.
MKT 4777 -  Selected Topics in Marketing   - 0-4 cr.  

In-depth study of a topic of current interest. Topic to be studied depends on the mutual interest of faculty and students.

MKT 4999 -  Independent Study   - 0-4 cr.  

Study of a particular area selected by student with approval of department chair and instructor. Study may include research and/or field experience involving a learning situation directly related to marketing.

MKT 6777 -  Special Topics in Marketing   - 0-16 cr.  

Special Topics in Marketing