Deaf Language and Culture Minor

The Deaf Language and Culture Minor prepares students in the multidisciplinary study of American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf people, their language and culture. Students will focus on acquisition of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture in order to gain linguistic and cultural competence.  The minor coursework highlights a variety of topics in the study of Deaf language and culture; including the study of ASL and its structure, literature pertaining to the Deaf experience, the history of Deaf people in America and around the globe, arts, life experiences and intersectionality of racial, ethnic, age, and other minority groups, oppression in the lives of Deaf people, political, legal, sustainability perspective on the potentialities of the Deaf identity, and educational issues impacting members of the Deaf community. Emphasis is placed on inclusion, allyship, access, diversity and becoming a global citizen. A Deaf Language and Culture Minor complements majors across a variety of fields, including but not limited to; education, business, science, health science, political science, communication, psychology, and various technical fields.

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