Medieval and Renaissance Stds (MER)

MER 2220 -  Medieval AND Renaissance Worlds in Literature (Conceptions : VCLI - Literature)  - 4 cr.  

Study of medieval and Renaissance texts in their historical, cultural, and literary contexts. The course examines various genres and subjects in an effort to understand what texts from a distant past reveal about their own cultures and how they might speak to a 21stcentury audience. Texts are selected from a range of cultures, such as medieval and Renaissance France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, and Wales, as well as Arabia and the Jewish Diaspora.

Equivalent Course: ENG 2220
MER 2403 -  The Way of the Pilgrim   - 4 cr.  

This course explores the history and theology of pilgrimage and may include a 100 kilometer hiking pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, or a 100 kilometer pilgrimage from London to Canterbury; pilgrimages to Rome or Jerusalem are also possible.

MER 3777 -  Topics: Medieval Renaissance Studies   - 0-4 cr.  

Medieval and Renaissance Studies courses offered on special topics. Each course taught under "Topics" will also have a specific course title listed on the schedule and transcripts.

MER 4444 -  Seminar: Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Integrations : VIOP - Electives)  - 4 cr.  

Examines relationships between various intellectual and artistic forms and ideas from the medieval and Renaissance periods of western culture. In addition, it explores medieval and Renaissance studies as an academic field.

Prerequisite Courses: ENG 2220 or MER 2220
MER 4777 -  Independent Study   - 0-4 cr.